We are a group of dedicated professionals who combine a passion for the job with years of experience with the automotive world. We have a track record of forming lasting relationships with dealerships all over the US, and an unmatched level of industry knowledge with the tools required to lend the helping hand that you have been searching for. Our business ethos is Christ centered with the belief that you can create something that others will love. We always embrace the challenge of going the extra mile to make sure that when we collaborate with you we provide a service that exceeds all your needs . Masters Auto Imaging welcomes the chance to work with new dealerships and to forge new relationships working directly with you to create images and listings that we are proud to put our names to

market leaders

The Market Leaders

Each vehicle has an individual character, and personality that you need to emanate to the customer. In our years of experience, we can create the complete package to display what each vehicle has to offer by ephasizing what make it special.

Our diligent approach speaks for itself. With business far and wide working wth us on a daily basis, we have created a network of satisfied customers, and a portfolio of works to be proud of. We approach everything from the point of view from the customer, and include exactly what they want to see.


What We Do

Masters Auto Imaging has mastered the art of photography sequentially by producing very clean, and crisp images with expertly written descriptions. We add value to your business,  taking you on an engaging journey to better conversion sales

We pay attention to detail in the perspective, light levels, as well as fine artistic tastes to create poweful images that highlight the aesthetics, and functionality of every vehicle we work with. Its that simple attitude partnered with years of experience and expertise that allows us to stay on top of our competition


Barney Steinberg-Owner

Barney Steinberg a resident of the Tampa area, developed an interest in visual media in his youth through photography, and art. After He received his bachelors degree in counseling from Trinity University in 2009. Mr Steinberg discovered he could take pictures at local automotive shows, and businesses. In 2009 he founded his business as Masters Auto Imaging, after gaining lot of experience with dealership operation at CarShots



Tom Scheu-Operations Mgr





An Unmatched Level of Industry Knowledge

Masters Auto Imaging has an eye for detail and a passion for staying up to date with the latest marketing trends in the automotive industry. The results speak for themselves, and we possess a unique ability to capture the imagination of the day to day driver, and seasoned enthusiast alike. Masters Auto Imaging creates something that people can connect with. In one of the most competitive businesses in the US, to stay ahead of the pack is crucial. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide a cutting-edge service that can transform any and every dealership. We believe once you’ve experienced the very best in the market, you will never go back.