Affordable & Outstanding Automotive Photography

Are you looking to sell your car quickly? Masters Auto Imaging will drastically increase the number of phone calls and boost the rate at which your vehicle sells. Our high quality photos attract customers by displaying your car professionally and attractively while providing a realistic and honest look at your vehicle. Find out more about the services we provide in Tampa Bay Area !

Memorable Event & Car Meeting Photography

Are you planning an automotive event or meeting in Southern Florida? Whether you're planning a car show or a club's day, Masters Auto Imaging is sure to exceed your expectations! We edit our photos professionally and store them in an album that you can share or download pictures individually. We also shoot parties or events unrelated to the automobile world. If you want it photographed the right way contact us to make that happen!

Amazing Classic Car Photography

If you are the proud owner of an automotive gem, a collectible, or a one-off car, we'll photograph it beautifully, taking care and shoot from angles that accentuate the car's design. We can shoot practically anywhere you'd like the photos of your car, our cameras are compact and equipped with right kind of lenses allowing us to take pictures of your baby in any environment !

Barney Steinberg, Owner / Head Photographer

Barney Steinberg a resident of the Tampa area, developed an interest in visual media in his youth through photography, and art. After He received his bachelor’s degree in counseling from Trinity University in 2009. Mr Steinberg discovered he could take pictures at local automotive shows, and businesses. In 2009 he founded his business as Masters Auto Imaging, after gaining lot of experience with dealership operation at CarShots.